Second hand Wakeboard

Why fork out hundreds for a brand new pro model wakeboard of this season when you're going to grind and slide it to its bare honeycomb structure within weeks anyway? You can probably buy multiple second hand wakeboards for the same price instead! Picking up a decent second hand wakeboard is childsplay nowadays with the sport being grown out of its infancy and second hand bargain wakeboards being available on almost every auction or classifieds site you can think of.

If you look for models that were new two years ago, chances are prices have been reduced to about 40% of what it retailed for whilst, provided the owner wasn't Shaun Murray or Dann Knott, the board's condition should be more than good enough for the beginner or even intermediate looking to go Pro model. Second hand wakeboards are also great for your introduction to sliders, kickers, a-frames and other water or land based obstacles. Why savage a brand new wakeboard cosmetically when you can go second hand for next to none?

Like with many goods a second hand Wakeboard can probably be found on ebay and better still you can register free. ( UK UK cousin )

Wakeboard Buying Tips

  1. Delivery can be tricky. Your postie isn't famous for handling stuff with care and wakeboards can be tricky to hold firmly during transport.
  2. Wakeboard bindings are often the first things that tear and wear. They also require a snug fit to ride comfortably so make sure you know that model and size is right for your feet.
  3. Put too much weight on the ends of a wakeboard's concave hull and you might receive a broken or snapped second hand wakeboard that can only be used as a wall feature or DIYed into a bench. So be sure the sender packages it well and don't sign for the cons
  4. Prior to finalizing the deal, also demand picture of the fins' screw threading. This is often worn out on older wakeboards.
  5. A spare Wakeboard is a good idea. Delivery fees for a second second hand Wakeboard shouldn't be much more than that of a single pre-owned board so try snap up a combo if you can.
  6. Make sure the length suits your build and the shape suits your riding style.
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Wakeboard Selling Tips

The following sample adverts are based on those found in the classified section of various local newspapers. If you are thinking of putting your up for sale you can base your ad on any of the following.
Nearly new and in perfect condition Wakeboard, no longer required
Collection of Wakeboards
Reasonably priced, everything must go
Closing down sale, great prices
Second hand Wakeboard
Due to new purchase we are selling of this Wakeboard
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