Second hand Guitar

The guitar both electric and acoustic is probably one the most glamorous instruments to play and they all also fairly easy to learn either from a book or with a few lessons.

Buying a second hand guitar is fairly easy and cheap as many wannabe musicians either buy a guitar and get bored and want to sell it or get really into their riffs and want to upgrade to a newer louder model.

Check out local music shops as many have a for sale notice board.

Like with many goods a second hand Guitar can probably be found on ebay and better still you can register free. ( UK UK cousin )

Guitar Buying Tips

  1. It takes years of dedication and practice before many people are good enough to play in a band
  2. It may look easy on TV but many artists mime and it certainly isn't as easy as it looks
  3. When practicing playing a Guitar be considerate to your neighbours and think about the noise (especially if you have a piano and live newar me)
  4. Many Guitars can be found at car boot sales look around to see if you can find a bargain
  5. A lot of music instructors will provide a Guitar whilst you are learning which is an good and cheap way to get started
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Guitar Selling Tips

The following sample adverts are based on those found in the classified section of various local newspapers. If you are thinking of putting your up for sale you can base your ad on any of the following.
Cheap Guitars
Rock bottom prices for all you budding artists.
Cheap Guitar
Cheap but good quality Guitar for sale
Sign Guitar
Signed by various famous muscians, would suit any collection
Custom made Guitar
Fantastic quality and custom made to your specification.
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