Second hand Machinery

(Wood Working Equipment, Catering Equipment)

When setting up a business with a manufacturing plant costs can quickly escalate.

Nowadays many stages of manufacture are done by machines rather than humans for cost and quality reasons. Machines can literally produce 100 more items than a team of human operators. Machines also produce exactly the same results time after time.

Buying second hand machinery is the cheapest way to begin equipping a factory, many businesses go bankrupt every year meaning their machinery can be brought at knock down prices at auction.

Like with many goods a second hand Machinery can probably be found on ebay and better still you can register free. ( UK UK cousin )

Machinery Buying Tips

  1. Check the the Machinery is not leased and that all payments have been made
  2. Ensure you always follow all safety inctructions provided with the Machinery
  3. Make sure your facility has the space to accommodate your Machinery purchase before buying it.
  4. Machinery should be checked by qualified personnel at regular intervals.
  5. Make sure the manufacturer hasn't recalled any old Machinery for safety reasons
  6. Always have a second hand Machinery purchase checked over by a qualified inspector
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Machinery Selling Tips

The following sample adverts are based on those found in the classified section of various local newspapers. If you are thinking of putting your up for sale you can base your ad on any of the following.
Second hand Machinery
Nearly new Machinery would make a good sideline
Good as new Machinery
Ex-showroom Machinery stunning condition
Used Machinery
Hardly worn, fully functional Machinery for Sale
2 Year old Machinery
Sale due to expansion, suitable to moderate use
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