Second hand Furniture

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Buying furniture second hand is a great way of saving money when kitting out both new and old houses.

Second hand furniture often comes back into fashion when peoples styles and tastes change.

Often a lick of paint or varnish is all that is required to make an old table look like new

Like with many goods a second hand Furniture can probably be found on ebay and better still you can register free. ( UK UK cousin )

Furniture Buying Tips

  1. With expensive antique Furniture try to get proof of when the Furniture was first made ideally the initial receipt
  2. Always carry with you the dimensions of the room that the Furniture is for, dont rely on guesswork
  3. If re-varnishing, test first on small area that is not easily visible
  4. View the Furniture in good lighting conditions to ensure it hasn't faded unequally in places
  5. If the Furniture is for an upstairs room ensure that the floor is string enough for heavier pieces
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Furniture Selling Tips

The following sample adverts are based on those found in the classified section of various local newspapers. If you are thinking of putting your up for sale you can base your ad on any of the following.
Used Furniture
As new excellent purchase for first home
Nearly new Furniture
Hardly used, emmaculate condition, very reasonable price
Only 2 years old, this Furniture is a real bargain
second hand Furniture for sale
Very good condition and rarely used
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