Buying a used wedding dress.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life but it can also be one of the most expensive. While you do not want to compromise on the quality of your day there are some ways that you can save some money.

One of the big costs of a wedding is the wedding dress. Fortunately you can save a fair amount of money by considering the option of modifying an existing dress for your wedding. A second hand wedding dress does not have to look like any other dress with the help of a skilled seamstress and will still cost less than a new dress.

When shopping for a used wedding dress you have several options. You can find dresses in the paper, on auction services such as eBay or at wedding dress shops. Any of these can be a good choice if you are a prudent shopper.

The first thing that you must keep in mind is a fair price to pay for your dress. Since no two people are alike you will need to have the dress sized to fit you. Call local a seamstress to get an idea of what this will cost and deduct that amount from the total that you are willing to pay. Depending upon where you are thinking of buying your dress from, the seller may be able to alter the dress for you. However someone who can see the dress on you does the best fit and alterations.

Once you have found a possible dress that you might like to purchase you need to get some extra details in the form of pictures. Most likely you have already seen a picture of the dress but not detail pictures. Ask for pictures that detail the seams, lining, back and any other features that are important. The pictures of the seams are fairly important as it will give you any idea as to the condition of the dress and will help a potential seamstress know how much work will be involved in altering the dress.

The next thing to determine is who will pay for the shipping, how it will be shipped and what return policy the seller has. Considering the importance of this dress it only makes sense to use a courier and make sure you get a copy of the tracking number in case you have any questions about the shipping or expected arrival date. Using a courier can be expensive so you will want to get an estimate of the cost and factor it in unless the buyer is covering the charge. Since you may be purchasing from a person the return policy might be vague. In general any seller should agree to a reasonable return policy. For example, you should be able to return the dress within 3 days providing the dress isn't damaged and most likely you as the buyer will have to pay the return courier costs.

Since you may be a paying a lot of money to a person that you have never met for a product that you have not seen, you may wish to take one extra precaution and use an escrow service. An escrow service takes your money and lets the seller know they have received. Then, once you tell the escrow service that you have received your dress, they release it to the seller. This ensures that your can get your money back and that the seller isn't risking their goods either.

As you can see, buying a used dress can be a good decision and save you a lot of money. Since a wedding dress is a major investment and is of critical importance, you will want to ensure that you are protected. A good buyer will happily allow you to return the dress if it isnít quite right. With the aid of a seamstress and some prudent shopping you are sure to look perfect in your own unique dress on your wedding day.

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