Buying a Car on ebay

As everyone knows eBay is the king of online auctions. It doesn't matter what you are looking for you will find it on eBay. Most of us are used to buying things from eBay such as CDs, DVDs and other small items, but there are many larger items also available such as cars. Risking 7 for a DVD isn't a huge risk but what about risking thousands of pounds for a car that you have never seen before?

There is no doubt that eBay is a major company and has done a lot to ensure that all of there transactions are safe and reliable. In fact eBay boasts the sale of a vehicle every 21 minutes with 6 million people surfing eBay Motors per month and that 60 percent of these people purchase something within 40 minutes and without shopping other retailers. With numbers like this it only makes sense to list a vehicle on eBay in order to increase the odds of its sale.

Knowing the volume of sales and people online at eBay each month leads us to the big question, can you confidently purchase a vehicle from eBay? The short answer is yes, with a little extra work that should be done any ways. The reality of it is that most people on eBay are honest people who want to provide you with the best deal possible while making a few dollars for themselves. As you undoubtedly know, certain vehicles in your area are in high demand, and thus command higher prices, but are not worth nearly as much in other states thus providing you with a deal and the seller with more profit than they could make selling locally.

When shopping for a vehicle online there are several things to keep in mind. First off know what you are looking for before you go shopping and what you can expect to pay for that vehicle locally. This information will help you sort through the many results that you will find and also help you identify auctions that are of good value to you.

After you find a vehicle that is advantageous to you, you can begin doing the background checks on both the seller and the vehicle. First off take a look at the seller by viewing their transaction feedback. Knowing what other buyers have to say about this person can be very informative. Sometimes you will find people who have no transaction feedback. This shouldn't scare you off, as everyone has to start as a newbie at some point. However, you should look a little closer at the auction details before proceeding any further.

When investigating the seller and the vehicle there are several things to consider. First is to ensure that there is a cancellation clause in the selling agreement. Any reputable eBay seller will allow you to not purchase the vehicle after you have seen the vehicle in person. The second thing to do is make sure you can take the vehicle to a mechanic of your choosing. You may wish to identify a reputable mechanic in that area and ask to have the vehicle inspected there. You may be obligated to pay for the inspection but this process will allow you an independent opinion of the vehicle and allow you to build report with the seller.

Before asking for a mechanical inspection you may wish to use a simple service such as For 19.95 will research your vehicle against insurance records to determine if the vehicle has ever received major damage from an accident or a flood. If your vehicle checks out there then you may wish to proceed with the inspection before or after placing a bid.

Purchasing a vehicle from eBay can be more enjoyable and rewarding than purchasing a vehicle through more traditional means. With a little work you can be confident that you are getting a good deal from a reputable person. Every day at least 50 people purchase a vehicle on eBay and enjoy their purchase, as can you.

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