About Second Hand Bargains

Why did you start Second Hand Bargains?

We started the site to provide an useful information and tips to buyers searching for (you guessed it) second hand bargains. We enjoy browsing ebay, car boot sales and antiques shops, so making a site dedicated to the subject seemed like a good idea.

What’s the Best Bargain You’ve ever Bought

It was actually a second hand car, it cost me a tank of petrol and was actually worth £1,500 but I never looked after it and ran it into the ground, I actually had to pay somebody to take it away in the end. You live you learn.

Why do you display adverts?

We display adverts to help fund the costs associated with running the site, we also like to pay writers who submit useful content.

How can I advertise on Second Hand Bargains?

As the site is still in it’s infancy we do all advertising on a case by case basis, if you would like to send us an advertising proposition I’m sure we can work something out.

How can I help the site?

Tell your friends and if you have your own website giving a link to us would be great.

Who designed the graphics

We'd like to thank Cien of Cien's PSP for doing the header image for us very cheaply.

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