Second Hand Aquarium Filter

You'll find plenty of new and used aquarium filters on places like eBay or in classifieds of your local paper. Acquiring a second hand aquarium filter is the easy part. Enjoying the filter for more than a few weeks proves to be harder. Be sure you trust the seller and know exactly how old the filter is. Aquarium filter impellors can be damaged and off balance, causing excessive noise or damaging the shaft rendering the whole unit useless within months. Spare parts from well know aquarium filter manufacturers like Eheim, Hagen and Rena are often difficult to back-order on older models.

Remember that if your second hand aquarium filter breaks, and it's the only means of filtration provided to your tank, yourr fish are likely to suffer pretty fast and pretty hard. Combining an internal filter with an external cannister filter is often a good idea, especially for larger tanks or those with more precious species stocked. Popular pre-owned internal models are the Eheim Aquaballs or Rena IV filters. Great second hand aquarium filter bargains in the external department can be found amongst models like the Ehim Ecco self priming models and the Rena XP range.

Try to get the current owner to include the filter media already in there (probably bagged up for easy and clean transportation of your filter). That will give you a head-start in terms of bacteria colonies in your second hand aquarium filter. Also be sure hosing and clips to secure the hoses are included. Some people import brands like Eheim from Germany to get European pricing. Don't forget these have the European style two pin plugs and require reliable adaptors to run safely.

Tips buying your second hand aquarium filter: